# Obsidian Developer Documentation Learn how to build plugins and themes for Obsidian. Improve your personal experience or share your creations with the community. ## Plugins Build plugins to extend the existing functionality in Obsidian using TypeScript. - [[Build a plugin|Build your first plugin]] - [[Submit your plugin]] ## Themes Design beautiful themes and snippets for Obsidian using CSS. - [[Build a theme|Build your first theme]] - [[Submit your theme]] - [[CSS variables]] ## Join the developer community If you get stuck, or if you're looking for feedback, [join the community](https://obsidian.md/community). - `#plugin-dev` and `#theme-dev` channels on Discord. - [Developers & API](https://forum.obsidian.md/c/developers-api/14) and [Share & showcase](https://forum.obsidian.md/c/share-showcase/9) on the forum.