The Obsidian editor supports [huge documents]( with millions of lines. One of the reasons why this is possible, is because the editor only renders what's visible (and a little bit more). Imagine that you want to edit a document that is too big to fit on your monitor. The Obsidian editor creates a "window" that moves across the document, only rendering the content within the window (and ignoring what's outside). This window is known as the editor's _viewport_. ![Viewport](viewport.svg) Whenever the user scrolls through the document, or when the document itself changes, the viewport becomes out-of-date and needs to be recomputed. If you want to build an editor extension that depends on the viewport, refer to [[View plugins]]. > [!note] > This page aims to distill the official CodeMirror 6 documentation for Obsidian plugin developers. For more information on state management, refer to [Viewport](